Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Colton Cumbie Eliminated Due to Illness and the Tribes Merge on "Survivor 24: One World"

On tonight's "Survivor 24: One World" 21 year old college student Colton Cumbie was forced to leave the show due to medical reasons. The episode began with Alicia and Colton taunting Christina and telling her she may as well leave, since she's going to be voted out next anyway. Later, the tribes met up for the Reward challenge, which consisted of bouncing coconuts off of trampolines in order to hit five targets. Unsurprisingly, Salani won the challenge and were awarded ice cream sundaes. While the Salani tribe was enjoying their reward, Colton was starting to not feel well over on Manono. His stomach issues got worse and worse, until a medic had to be brought in to take a look at him. After some quick tests, the medic thought he might have appendicitis and decided to pull him from the game. The other Manono members said emotional goodbyes to Colton, but Alicia was upset that he didn't give her his hidden immunity idol before he left. The next day, the tribes were told there would be no Immunity challenge, but they would still go to tribal council. When the two tribes met up later that evening, Jeff informed them that no one else was going home. He also told them to drop their buffs, as the two tribes were now one. The game is now even again with six guys and six girls competing as individuals. Which alliances will survive and which ones will crumble. Tune in and see!


Anonymous said...


12th: Tarzan
11th: Michael
10th: Leif
9th: Christina
8th: Sabrina
7th: Chelsea
6th: Kat
5th: Troyzan
4th: Alicia

Jonas, Kim, Jay

Anonymous said...

Kim uses her Hidden Immunity Idol to save Chelsea and get rid of Tarzan.

The vote is 5-1-1-0*

There were 5 votes for Chelsea, but since she played the HII, none count

Troyzan holds the Hidden Immunity Idol and uses it at Final 6 to get rid of Kat in a vote of 3-0*

3 votes for Troyzan don't count

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