Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Monica Culpepper Voted Off "Survivor 24"

On tonight's "Survivor 24: One World" 41 year old NFL player's wife Monica Culpepper became the fifth castaway voted off the show. The episode began with Jeff announcing to the castaways that it was time for a tribe swap. All the castaways randomly chose an egg from a bowl that was filled with either blue or orange paint. The new tribes ended up being Mike, Jay, Troyzan, Sabrina, Kat, Chelsea, and Kim on the new Salani, while Tarzan, Jonas, Colton, Leif, Alicia, Christina, and Monica made up the new Manono. The new tribes then took part in the Reward challenge, which consisted of filling a bucket that had lots of holes in it with water and transporting it to a container to raise a flag. It was a close game, but in the end Salani beat Manono and they were awarded peanut butter sandwiches, coffee and the right to stay at the old camp.The new Manono tribe had to start from scratch on a brand new beach. Over on Salani, Kim went searching from the hidden immunity idol and sure enough she found it in a tree. She decided to share the news with her closest ally, Chelsea. Over on Manono, Colton told the girls he would flip to their side and vote off the guys, even though he had no real intention of doing that. The next day, the tribes competed in the Immunity challenge, which was basically full contact basketball in the water. Salani once again defeated Manono 3-1. Back at camp, Colton convinced the guys and Alicia to vote out Monica, viewing her as the biggest threat. At tribal council, that's exactly what happened, as only Christina voted to keep Monica. Will the new Salani keep dominating the challenges? Tune in and see!


Anonymous said...

Colton is an idiot! I can't believe they voted off their most intelligent and athletic team member. Shame on Alicia for going along with that plan. I'm through watching this show.

Anonymous said...

Seriously Cilton is disgusting. He is worse Russell.