Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jay Byars Voted Off "Survivor 24: One World"

On tonight's "Survivor 24: One World" 25 year old model Jay Byars became the ninth castaway voted off the show. The episode began with the castaways competing in a Do It Yourself Reward Challenge, where the players were randomly split into two teams and faced off against each other in a game of ladder toss. The team of Alicia, Jay, Kat, Tarzan and Troyzan won the challenge by scoring six points, compared to the other team's one point. They were awarded a boat trip to a secluded island to enjoy a local barbecue. During the reward, Jay made his case to Kat that Alicia needed to voted out next. Meanwhile, the other girls were back at camp coming up with a plan to get rid of either Jay or Troyzan next. The only girl who was a little apprehensive about that plan was Chelsea, who had promised Jay and Troyzan that she wouldn't vote them out. The next day, the tribe competed in the Immunity challenge, which consisted of holding your arm in the air for as long as you could to prevent a bucket of water from tipping over and dumping on your head. Periodically, Jeff came by with various treats to tempt the players into dropping out of the challenge. One by one the castaways gave up, until only Leif and Chelsea remained. After Chelsea promised Leif he would be safe, Leif dropped out and Chelsea was awarded immunity. Back at camp, Troyzan started getting worried that the women were going to turn on him and Jay, so he decided to hedge his bets and play his hidden idol. Jay still thought they had nothing to worry about and advised him against it. The girls, meanwhile, decided to cover their bases by splitting the vote between Troyzan and Jay. At tribal council, Troyzan did indeed play his idol even though he ended up getting only two votes. That meant the girls' five votes for Jay were more than enough to send him home and he became the third member of the jury. Does Troyzan have any hope left in the game or is he dead man walking? Tune in next week to find out!