Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Michael Jefferson Voted Off "Survivor 24"

On tonight's "Survivor 24: One World" 30 year old banker Michael Jefferson became the eighth castaway voted off the show. The episode began with Jay and Troyzan discussing the fact that they needed to make sure a girl went home next, so that the men still had a fighting chance. Later, the castaways competed in the Reward challenge, where they were split into two teams and had to slide down an enormous water slide. Once they got to the bottom, they ran into the ocean and grabbed five large crates out of the water. Finally, the castaways used the pieces in those crates to complete a puzzle. It was a close challenge, but in the end the team of Michael, Kim, Sabrina, Leif, and Christina pulled out the win. They were awarded a 7-Up sponsored barbeque featuring burgers, steaks, salads and of course 7-Up. During the reward, Kim and Sabrina made a plan for the women to stick together and vote out Mike next. When they returned to camp, Kim put her plan into motion by telling Troyzan that Michael wants him out. Troyzan fell for it hook, line and sinker and said he had no problem voting out Mike. The next day, the castaways competed in the Immunity challenge, which consisted of walking across a balance beam while transferring bags of puzzle pieces that are looped around twisted, knotted ropes. The first four players to complete the challenge moved onto round two, which had the castaways using said pieces to solve a very hard puzzle. Kim got off to an early lead, but Jay made a come from behind victory, earning him the immunity necklace. Back at camp, the women debated whether to make a big move and vote out Mike or sate the guys and vote out Christina. At tribal council, everyone except for Tarzan, Leif, Alicia and Christina decided to blindside Michael, making him the second jury member. Do the men have any chance of sticking around or will the women continue to pick them off one by one?