Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Troy Robertson Voted Off "Survivor: One World"

On tonight's "Survivor 24: One World" 50 year old swimsuit photographer Troy "Troyzan" Robertson became the eleventh castaway voted off the show. The episode began with the castaways competing in the Reward Challenge, which consisted of filling out a questionnaire about their opinions of their tribemates and then guessing what the majority of the tribe answered. Each castaway who answered a question correctly was allowed to cut a section of rope holding up a doll of the castaway they wanted eliminated. After many rounds, Kim emerged the victor and was awarded a helicopter ride to another island for a picnic. She was allowed to bring two other castaways with her and she chose Alicia and Chelsea. Kat was upset with Kim's decision, as Kim had previously told her she would take her on a reward if she had the chance. At camp, Troyzan used the opportunity to show Kat that she was on the bottom of the women's alliance. The next day, the tribe competed in the Immunity challenge, which consisted of sliding across a slippery surface, collecting rope rings along the way and then tossing those rings onto a pole. The challenge came down to Kim versus Chelsea, with Kim once again taking the win. Back at camp, the women came up with a plan to split the vote between Troyzan and Christina, just in case Troyzan had a hidden immunity idol. When Troyzan got wind of the plan, he tried to sway one more girl into voting out Christina. Alas, at tribal council, the women stayed strong and their plan worked perfectly. Since Troyzan didn't have an idol, he was voted out 5-3 & became the fifth jury member. With Troyzan now gone, will the women vote out the last man standing or turn on one of their own? Tune in & find out