Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dave and Rachel Win "The Amazing Race 20"

On tonight's season finale of "The Amazing Race 20" married couple Dave and Rachel Brown beat Art and J.J. & Brendan and Rachel to be crowned the winners of the race. The episode began with the final four teams flying from Cochin, India to Osaka, Japan. In Japan, the teams took part in tasks such as running on a treadmill trying to grab three rubber chickens, participating in a game of sushi bingo and convincing locals to get their picture taken behind a sumo wrestler cut-out. Dave and Rachel checked into the Pit Stop first and were awarded a trip for two to New Zealand. Vanessa and Ralph arrived at the Pit Stop last and were eliminated from the race. The final three teams then flew from Osaka, Japan to the final destination city of Honolulu, Hawaii. When they landed the teams were instructed to find the twins "Mauka" and "Makai", which they had to figure out meant the Waterfront Towers. When they made it to the towers, they had to ascend and rappel down one of them. They then participated in a Roadblock where one team member had to shave enough ice to fill a bucket. After that, they took a helicopter ride to Oahu's North Shore where they joined a surf rescue team and had to drive a Wave Runner into the ocean and rescue a distressed swimmer. When the task was completed, teams followed a marked path to Hakipuʻu Valley where their final Roadblock awaited. The team member who didn't do the first Roadblock had to sled down a hill on a skinny sled and then roll a rock into a goal. Dave and Rachel rushed past the second Roadblock and went straight to the Finish Line, where Phil informed them that they had to go back and complete the task. Even with their backtracking Dave and Rachel still completed the task before Art and J.J. and went back to the Finish Line, where they were officially crowned the winners of the race and awarded the $1 million prize. Art and J.J. finished second, followed by Brendan and Rachel in third. Did the team you were rooting for win?