Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Matt Quinlan Voted Off "Survivor: One World"

On tonight's "Survivor 24: One World" 33 year old attorney Matt Quinlan became the third castaway voted off the show. The episode began with the women popping into the men's shelter unannounced during a big rainstorm because they don't have a tarp like the men do. Some of the men didn't mind the women getting warm in their shelter, while others (like Matt) didn't like it one bit. Later, the castaways competed in the Reward challenge, which was a memory game where the contestants looked at a row of items, then ran to a station to put identical items in the same order. For the first time this season, the women won the challenge and were awarded a fishing supply kit as well as a canoe and some paddles. Back at camp, the men bartered with the women to use their canoe in exchange for giving them an ember to start a fire. The next day the tribes competed in the Immunity challenge, which consisted of one castaway shouting instructions to three blindfolded pairs of teammates to guide them through an obstacle course, collecting five bags of puzzle pieces. When all five bags were brought to the start, the caller had to use them to complete a tree puzzle. The men got off to an early lead but faltered at the puzzle, allowing the women to catch up and ultimately win the challenge. Back at camp, the misfits alliance debated whether to get rid of Bill or Matt, with Colton heavily pushing for Bill. At tribal council, Colton told everyone he had the hidden immunity idol and intended to play it that night, but ended up keeping it in his pocket. Everyone except Michael voted out Matt, sending him home for good. Can the women continue on with their winning streak? Tune in next week & see!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Dancing with the Stars 14" Cast Revealed

Earlier today on "Good Morning America", ABC officially revealed the identities of the twelve celebrities competing in this spring's fourteenth season of "Dancing with the Stars". The cast includes singer/songwriter Gavin DeGraw, TV Host Maria Menounos, tennis great Martina Navratilova and iconic singer Gladys Knight. The show debuts Monday March 19th at 8pm. Here's all twelve of this season's stars...

 Green Bay Packers Wide Receiver Donald Driver 37
Pro Partner: Peta Murgatroyd

Singer/Songwriter Gavin DeGraw 35
Pro Partner: Karina Smirnoff

Legendary Singer Gladys Knight 67
Pro Partner: Tristan McManus

Soap Star Jack Wagner 52
Pro Partner: Anna Trebunskaya

"Family Matters" Actor Jaleel White 35
Pro Partner: Kym Johnson

Opera Singer Katherine Jenkins 31
Pro Partner: Mark Ballas

TV Host Maria Menounos 33
Pro Partner: Derek Hough

Tennis Star Martina Navratilova 55
Pro Partner: Tony Dovolani

"Little House on the Prairie" Actress Melissa Gilbert 47
Pro Partner: Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Disney Star Roshon Fegan 20
Pro Partner: Chelsie Hightower

"The View" Co-Host Sherri Shepherd 44
Pro Partner: Val Chmerkovskiy

Telenovela Star William Levy 31
Pro Partner: Cheryl Burke

Sunday, February 26, 2012

"Married Clowns" Dave and Cherie Gregg Eliminated from "The Amazing Race 20"

On tonight's "Amazing Race 20" married clowns Dave and Cherie Gregg became the second team eliminated from the race. The episode began with the ten remaining teams traveling to the Cafayate Town Square where the season's first Detour awaited. The choice of tasks was between picking up equipment to build a solar kitchen, assembling the contraption correctly and putting a kettle full of water on it until it came to a boil or traveling to a nearby river, gathering firewood and clay, loading it onto a donkey and delivering their goods to a local pottery shop. All the teams except Art and J.J. chose the kettle task. After the Detour, teams were instructed to take an 18 hour bus ride to Buenos Aires. The ten teams got on three different buses with Kerri & Stacy and Nary & Jamie on the last departing bus. However, a window on the second bus shattered, dropping the four teams on that bus to last place. When the teams arrived in Buenos Aires, they traveled to the Mercado de Hacienda de Liniers cattle auction where they found a Roadblock. One team member had to listen to the auctioneer give the total weight of the cattle in the pen, calculate the average weight of one cow and give the number to a gaucho. If the auctioneer moved onto another pen before they figured out the answer, they would have to start over with the next pen. Rachel and Dave were once again the first team to complete the task and arrived at the Pit Stop first, earning them a trip for two to Grenada. The four teams in the bus that broke down battled it out in the end and it was the clowns who came in last, eliminating them from the race.

Victoria Gotti Fired on "Celebrity Apprentice"

On tonight's "Celebrity Apprentice 5" Victoria Gotti became the second star fired by Donald Trump. The episode began with the teams learning that their new task was to create an original show for Medieval Times that would be performed in front of a live audience. Penn Jillette was picked as project manager for the men, while Lisa Lampanelli stepped up on the women's side. The men put on a show that highlighted each person on their team including having Clay Aiken sing, George Takei narrate and Dee Snider dress in drag. The women decided to do a spoof of the Real Housewives shows where all the women were competing for the heart of Donald Trump, played by Lisa Lampanelli. During the task, Dee broke his finger when he was knocked off a horse, but decided to forgo a hospital visit and soldiered on. On the women's team, Lisa gave the job of stage director to Victoria, which insulted her because she was the only woman not in the show. After the teams performed their shows, the audience voted on who should be the winner. In the boardroom, Trump revealed that the men once again beat the women 558 votes to 363 votes. On the women's team, project manager Lisa decided to bring Dayana and Victoria with her to the final boardroom. In the end, Trump fired Victoria because she thought about quitting her team after her conflict with Lisa and as we all know, Donald Trump hates quitters.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nina Acosta Voted Off "Survivor 24: One World"

On tonight's "Survivor 24: One World" 51 year old retired policewoman Nina Acosta became the second castaway voted off the show. The episode began with the women calling a group meeting to try to organize their fractured tribe. Most of the women thought that Sabrina would make a good tribe leader and eventually Sabrina agreed to do it. Later that day, the castaways received two large crates that contained instructions and materials for a Do It Yourself Reward Challenge. The tribes had to untie the knots on a long rope to release a metal ring. The men ended up winning the challenge and were awarded a tarp. Later, a depressed Colton left the men's tribe to go and spend time with the women. Problem is, the women didn't really want him hanging around with them either, forcing Colton to mosey on back to his original tribe. That night, Colton decided to strike up a misfits alliance and showed his hidden immunity idol to Jonas, Tarzan, Leif and Troyzan. The next day, the tribes competed in the Immunity challenge, which consisted of lining up on a narrow balance beam and one by one moving around your tribemates to get to a platform. The bad communication on the women's team, mostly due to Kat, allowed the men to win the challenge. Back at camp, there was a pretty obvious split between the alliance of the five younger girls and Nina, Monica and Christina. At tribal council, Nina made the case for Kat to be voted out since she blew the challenge for them. But in the end, the alliance of five stuck together and voted out Nina.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

"Sisters" Misa and Maiya Tanaka Eliminated on the Season Premiere of "The Amazing Race 20"

On tonight's season premiere of "The Amazing Race 20" sisters Misa and Maiya Tanaka became the first team eliminated from the race. The season began at the Bridlewood Estate Winery in Santa Barbara, California with Phil informing the eleven new teams that the couple who arrived first on this leg would be awarded the Express Pass, which would allow them to skip any one task of their choice up to leg eight. He then told them that their first task was to search through 100 balloons in the winery for one of eleven clues that revealed their first destination: Santa Barbara, Argentina. Once they found the clue, Phil gave them the keys to a Ford Taurus. The first six teams to make it to the airport would be given tickets on an earlier connecting flight to Salta, Argentina. When the teams landed in Salta, they were instructed to drive to Aerodromo Gilberto Lavaque in Cafayate, Santa Barbara where a Roadblock awaited. One team member had to skydive from 10,000 feet while the other teammate had to drive to a designated location and look for their partner's landing site. Stacy was scared to do the skydive, but ended up facing her fear and finishing the task. When the task was completed, teams traveled to the Patios de Cafayate Winery where they had to correctly make 120 empanadas: 60 meat filled and 60 cheese filled. The teams had to figure out that the two types had different ways of being closed. Married couple Rachel and Dave were the first team to complete the task and arrived at the Pit Stop first, earning them the coveted Express Pass.Sisters Misa and Maiya completed the task before the Jersey boys, but couldn't find the Pit Stop which allowed Joey and Danny to catch up and make it to the mat before them. The sisters ended up arriving last and were eliminated from the race.

Cheryl Tiegs Fired on "Celebrity Apprentice 5"

On tonight's season premiere of "Celebrity Apprentice 5" former supermodel Cheryl Tiegs became the first star fired by Donald Trump. The season started with the eighteen new celebs meeting Donald and being divided into men vs. women. The teams were then told to come up with a team name and pick a project manager. The guys named themselves Unanimous and picked Paul Teutal Sr. as the first project manager. The women chose the name Forte and agreed on Patricia Velasquez as their PM. In the boardroom, Donald explained that their first task was to make and sell sandwiches at a deli. The team that earned the most money, including donations would be the winner. On the women's side, everyone worked pretty well together except for Victoria Gotti who arrived an hour late on the second day of the task. On the men's team, most of the guys held off on calling their rich friends because Paul was certain he could raise enough money on his own to beat the women. During the task, Trump called the teams and told them to take their best sandwich to the Rachel Ray Show, where Rachel would pick her favorite and award the winning team an extra $35,000. In the boardroom, Trump announced that Rachel liked the men's sandwich the most and they were awarded the bonus money. They ended up not needing it, though as the men crushed the women due to one huge donation of $305,000 from Paul's friend. On the women's team, Patricia picked Victoria & Cheryl as the weakest players. Trump ended up firing Cheryl due to her not being comfortable with the competitive nature of the show.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kourtney Moon Eliminated Due to Injury on the Season Premiere of "Survivor 24: One World"

On tonight's season premiere of "Survivor 24: One World" 29 year old motorcycle repairer Kourtney Moon was forced to leave the show due to a wrist injury. The episode began with the eighteen new castaways arriving in Samoa and learning that they would be split into two tribes of men vs. women. Jeff then gave them sixty seconds to unload anything they could from the truck they drove in on. When the women weren't looking, Michael stole several of the items from their pile. Finally, Jeff gave each tribe a map to their camps and sent them off in different directions. During the trek to their camp, Alicia started a five person alliance with Chelsea, Kat, Kim, Sabrina and herself. When the tribes arrived at camp, they were surprised to learn that both the men and the women's tribes were living together on the same beach. Later, Chelsea caught two wild chickens, but decided not to give one to the men's tribe even though they earlier said they would. On the men's tribe, Matt started an alliance with Bill, Jay, and Michael. After Jay got a fire started, the women tried to make a deal with the men for fire, but their efforts failed. Late that night, Monica and Christina crept into the men's camp and stole an ember from their fire, but the fire died out by morning. The next day, Sabrina found a hidden immunity idol, but was disappointed to discover that it was the men's idol and she had to give it to one of the them before the next tribal council. Colton had previously asked the women for help with a hidden idol, so Sabrina decided to give it to him. The castaways then took part in the combined Reward/Immunity challenge, which consisted of jumping from a 25 foot tower onto a large net, crossing a balance beam and then traversing a rope bridge. During the jump onto the net, Kourtney hurt her wrist causing Jeff to stop the challenge and call in the medical team. The doctors thought her wrist might be broken, so they pulled her from the challenge to get an X-ray. Jeff then said that since the women didn't have all their members, the men were the winners by default. However, he gave them the option of continuing the game 9 against 8 as a gesture of goodwill. The men declined the offer and took immunity, much to the dismay of the women. Besides immunity, the men were also awarded flint. At tribal council, Alicia and Christina got into a big argument about the deal the women made with the men for fire. It didn't really matter, though because Jeff informed the women that Kourtney did indeed have a broken wrist that required surgery and she was out of the game for good. There was no vote but they got flint.