Thursday, May 31, 2012

Major "Bachelorette" Spoilers Leaked: Boot List and Emily's Ultimate Pick Revealed

We're only three episodes into the new season of "The Bachelorette" and already a full boot list and Emily's final pick has been leaked. Once again, Reality Steve has spoiled everything about this season, including who goes home each week and who goes on which dates. Obviously this is a huge spoiler which could ruin the entire season for some of you. For that reason I have written a separate, secret post that contains the full boot list. If you want to know who Emily's final three guys and ultimate choice are read my hidden post here!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Donald Driver Wins "Dancing with the Stars 14"

On tonight's 2 hour "Dancing with the Stars" season finale NFL star Donald Driver beat opera singer Katherine Jenkins and actor William Levy to be crowned the fourteenth season champion. Yesterday, the top three performed two dances each, one of which was the freestyle dance. Katherine claimed the top spot on the judge's leaderboard with a perfect 60 out of 60. William and Donald tied for second place with 59 points. Tonight, after performances from all of this season's former contestants, the top three performed one final dance. The judges awarded all three perfect 30s. When the viewer votes were added, it was William who came in third. Finally, after 10 weeks of competition it was revealed that the winner of season 14 was Donald Driver!

Are you glad Donald took home the trophy? Were you rooting for Katherine or William? Leave a comment & share your thoughts!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Arsenio Hall Wins "Celebrity Apprentice 5"

On tonight's season finale of Celebrity Apprentice 5 comedian Arsenio Hall beat singer Clay Aiken and was awarded $250,000 for his charity. The finale began with the culmination of the final task. Arsenio was able to use the footage that was filmed of Magic Johnson talking about his charity, while Clay was happy with the mural that was painted by Debbie's cousin. Arsenio and Clay then staged their events for their audiences and the Trumps. Both shows went very well, making Donald's decision a tough one. We then joined Trump live at the Natural History Museum in New York, where this season's celebs were reunited to hear the results. After Arsenio and Clay made their final pleas as to why they should win, Trump revealed that the winner of Celebrity Apprentice was Arsenio!

What did you think of the finale? Did Arsenio deserve to win or was Clay robbed? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

TV Host Maria Menounos the Ninth Celebrity Voted Off "Dancing with the Stars 14"

On tonight's "Dancing with the Stars" results show TV Host Maria Menounos was voted off the show one week shy of the finals. Yesterday, the final four contestants performed two dances each - a ballroom routine and a Latin routine. Maria Menounos landed at the top of the judge's leaderboard with a near perfect 59 out of 60. William Levy placed second with 58 points, followed in third by Donald Driver who earned 57 points. Katherine Jenkins landed at the bottom with 56 points. Tonight, however, when the viewer votes were added, it was first place finisher Maria who garnered the least support & was eliminated from the show. Next week, the three remaining stars compete in the finals and one of them will be crowned the champion and win the coveted mirror ball trophy! Who are you rooting for?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Kim Spradlin Wins "Survivor 24: One World"

On tonight's "Survivor 24: One World" season finale 29 year old bridal shop owner Kim Spradlin was crowned the winner and awarded the $1 million prize. The episode began with the penultimate Immunity challenge, which consisted of walking across a balance beam maze, retrieving five bags of puzzle pieces from a cargo net and then using those pieces to solve a jigsaw puzzle. Once the puzzle was completed, the castaways had to decipher a riddle on the puzzle that would give them three numbers to open a combination lock. Kim got off to a bad start on the challenge, but made a come from behind victory to earn her third immunity necklace. Back at camp, Kim and Sabrina debated whether to vote out Alicia or blindside Chelsea. At tribal council, Kim stuck with her original alliance and Alicia was voted out, becoming the eighth member of the jury. The next day, the final four reminisced about the castaways who were voted out, before meeting up with Jeff for their final Immunity challenge. The castaways had to use a long pole to maneuver ten wooden bowls around a metal structure. They then had to balance all ten bowls on top of each other without letting any fall. The challenge was neck and neck between Christina and Kim, with Kim ultimately pulling out the win & her fourth individual immunity. Back at camp, Christina essentially gave up and accepted her fate of being voted out. At tribal council, that's exactly what happened, as Christina was unanimously voted out and became the final member of the jury. On Day 39, after the traditional final three breakfast, Kim, Chelsea and Sabrina made their way to tribal council where the jury grilled them before they made their decision. After the votes were cast, we joined Jeff live in New York for the final vote reading. By a vote of 7-2 Kim beat Sabrina and was named the sole Survivor. Chelsea didn't receive one vote. Kim was also voted Fan Favorite and was awarded another $100,000. Jeff then confirmed that the next season will be "Survivor 25: The Philippines" and will feature three tribes with three returning castaways who were all medically evacuated.

What did you think of the finale? Are you happy that Kim won or were you rooting for someone else? Leave a comment below!

Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall Revealed as the Final 2 on Tonight's "Celebrity Apprentice 5"

On tonight's penultimate "Celebrity Apprentice 5" Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall were revealed to be the Final 2 after Trump fired Aubrey O'Day. The episode began in the boardroom with Donald firing pop star Aubrey O'Day because he felt she was transparent and inexperienced. The next day, Clay and Arsenio were told that their final task was to stage and sell tickets to a variety show to raise money for their respective charities. They also had to create a 30 second awareness ad explaining what their charity did. Eight former players were brought in to help Clay and Arsenio, four for each team. Arsenio chose Adam Carolla, Lisa Lampanelli, Paul Teutul Sr. and Teresa Giudice. Clay selected Penn Jillette, Dee Snider, Debbie Gibson and Aubrey O'Day. On Arsenio's team, Adam came up with the idea of everyone dressing up in 80s clothes and shooting an ad explaining that while these clothes were no longer around, the problem of HIV and AIDS still was. On Clay's team, Penn helped Clay come up with an ad that featured a group of kids playing in a park and the viewer not being able to tell until the end that one of the kids was disabled. The episode ended with Clay bickering with Debbie about a mural for the wall and Arsenio and Adam finding out that the clip Magic Johnson filmed for their ad was filmed wrong and was unusable. Next week, either Clay or Arsenio will be crowned the new Celebrity Apprentice and be awarded $250,000 for their charity! Who do you hope wins?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Greg "Tarzan" Smith Voted Off "Survivor 24"

On tonight's "Survivor 24: One World" 64 year old plastic surgeon Greg "Tarzan" Smith became the thirteenth castaway voted off the show. The episode began with Tarzan telling both Kim and Alicia that they should take him to the final four because he could convince the jury to vote for them. The next day, the tribe competed in the Reward challenge, which consisted of spinning around three poles to unscrew three numbered discs and then using those discs to solve a combination lock. Chelsea won the challenge and was awarded an overnight stay on a sailboat with a three course meal and a shower. She was allowed to take two people with her on the reward and she chose Kim and Sabrina. That decision didn't sit well with Alicia and Christina and they made a pact with Tarzan to stick together and vote out Chelsea. When the three other girls returned from their reward, Kim had to do major damage control and convince Alicia that Tarzan was still a threat. Alicia fell for it hook, line and sinker and was convinced that Kim was still on her side. The next day, the castaways competed in the Immunity challenge, which was a replay of the fish bone puzzle from last season. Alicia edged out Kim and completed her puzzle first, earning her her first individual immunity. Back at camp, Alicia debated whether to vote out Chelsea or believe Kim and vote out Tarzan. At tribal council, Alicia decided to listen to Kim and vote out Tarzan, thinking he was a threat if he made it to the final three. Tarzan became the thirteenth castaway voted off and the seventh member of the jury. Now, only five women remain and one of them will be crowned the sole Survivor and be awarded the $1 million prize. Tune in Sunday for the 3 hour season finale!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Actors Melissa Gilbert and Roshon Fegan Both Eliminated from "Dancing with the Stars 14"

On tonight's "Dancing with the Stars" results show "Little House on the Prairie" star Melissa Gilbert and Disney kid Roshon Fegan were both voted off the show in a double elimination. Yesterday, the six remaining contestants performed two dances each - an individual ballroom routine and the first ever trio dance. William Levy landed at the top of the judge's leaderboard for the first time with a 57 out of 60. Melissa Gilbert once again finished at the bottom with 51 points. Tonight, when the viewer votes were added, Melissa and second place finisher Roshon were both eliminated as they landed in the bottom two. Next week the four remaining stars perform two more dances each in the hopes of making it to the finals! Who do you hope wins the trophy?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Teresa Giudice and Lisa Lampanelli Both Fired on Tonight's "Celebrity Apprentice 5"

On tonight's "Celebrity Apprentice 5" Real Housewives star Teresa Giudice and comedian Lisa Lampanelli were both fired by Donald Trump. The episode began with the teams learning that their new task was to create a four page pictorial for Elle magazine promoting the "Chi Touch" hairdryer. Teresa was picked as project manager for Unanimous, while Lisa stepped up for the job on Forte. On Unanimous, Teresa proved to be a very lax project manager and Aubrey and Arsenio made most of the creative decisions. On Forte, Lisa and Clay worked very well together and created a pictorial that fit perfectly inside Elle magazine. When the teams completed their ads, they presented them to the executives who then picked a winner. In the boardroom, Trump revealed that the execs much preferred Forte's ad and gave Lisa the win. On Unanimous, Trump's decision was fairly easy as Arsenio and Aubrey both placed the blame on PM Teresa and Donald had no choice but to fire her. The final four were then informed that they would immediately be interviewed by last season's winner and runner-up John Rich and Marlee Matlin, who would help Donald choose who would make it to the final two. After four grueling interviews, John and Marlee told Donald the pros & cons of each of the remaining stars. In the boardroom, Lisa was the first person fired because Trump felt she couldn't keep her emotions under control. The episode ended with Trump about to fire one more celebrity, thus revealing the final two. Next week, those two stars begin work on the final task, before the winner is revealed a week later!

Dave and Rachel Win "The Amazing Race 20"

On tonight's season finale of "The Amazing Race 20" married couple Dave and Rachel Brown beat Art and J.J. & Brendan and Rachel to be crowned the winners of the race. The episode began with the final four teams flying from Cochin, India to Osaka, Japan. In Japan, the teams took part in tasks such as running on a treadmill trying to grab three rubber chickens, participating in a game of sushi bingo and convincing locals to get their picture taken behind a sumo wrestler cut-out. Dave and Rachel checked into the Pit Stop first and were awarded a trip for two to New Zealand. Vanessa and Ralph arrived at the Pit Stop last and were eliminated from the race. The final three teams then flew from Osaka, Japan to the final destination city of Honolulu, Hawaii. When they landed the teams were instructed to find the twins "Mauka" and "Makai", which they had to figure out meant the Waterfront Towers. When they made it to the towers, they had to ascend and rappel down one of them. They then participated in a Roadblock where one team member had to shave enough ice to fill a bucket. After that, they took a helicopter ride to Oahu's North Shore where they joined a surf rescue team and had to drive a Wave Runner into the ocean and rescue a distressed swimmer. When the task was completed, teams followed a marked path to Hakipuʻu Valley where their final Roadblock awaited. The team member who didn't do the first Roadblock had to sled down a hill on a skinny sled and then roll a rock into a goal. Dave and Rachel rushed past the second Roadblock and went straight to the Finish Line, where Phil informed them that they had to go back and complete the task. Even with their backtracking Dave and Rachel still completed the task before Art and J.J. and went back to the Finish Line, where they were officially crowned the winners of the race and awarded the $1 million prize. Art and J.J. finished second, followed by Brendan and Rachel in third. Did the team you were rooting for win?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kat Edorsson Voted Off "Survivor: One World"

On tonight's "Survivor 24: One World" 22 year old timeshare rep Kat Edorsson became the twelfth castaway voted off the show. The episode began with the seven remaining castaways being given a Sprint phone which contained video messages from their loved ones. After watching the videos, the castaways got to reunite with their family members before taking part in the Reward challenge. The challenge consisted of the castaways and their loved ones being tethered together and attached to the end of a long rope. Each pair had to work together to untangle the rope and progress along an obstacle course to get to the finish line. Kat and her cousin Robby just edged out Kim and her sister to win the challenge and they were awarded more time together at a picnic. Kat was allowed to pick two other pairs to join her on the reward and she chose Kim and her sister & Alicia and her sister. That decision didn't sit well with her tribemates, as they thought she should have picked Tarzan and Christina for the reward. During the reward, Kim discussed with her sister the possibility of taking Alicia and Kat with her to the final three, thinking she could beat them in the end. Back at camp, Sabrina brought up the idea of voting Kat out next because of her immature actions during the challenge and Chelsea agreed. The next day, the castaways competed in the Immunity challenge, which consisted of standing on a log over the water and holding onto a handle tied to a rope behind them. At regular intervals, Jeff would let more slack out of the rope which would lower the castaways closer to the water. One by one the players fell in, until only Kim and Kat remained. In the end, Kim outlasted Kat and was awarded her second immunity necklace. Back at camp, Alicia changed her mind about voting Sabrina out next and instead pushed for Kat to go because of her strong performance at the challenge. Kim was torn about whether to vote out Sabrina, a potential threat later in the game or Kat, who everyone wanted to get rid of. At tribal council, Kim went with the majority and Kat was blindsided, making her the sixth member of the jury. Now only six castaways remain, who will be voted out next?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Family Matters" Star Jaleel White the Sixth Celebrity Voted Off "Dancing with the Stars 14"

On tonight's "Dancing with the Stars" results show former "Family Matters" star Jaleel White became the sixth celebrity voted off the show. Yesterday, the seven remaining contestants danced to classical songs and then competed in team dances. TV Host Maria Menounos earned the first perfect score of the season with her individual routine and landed at the top of the judge's leaderboard with a 57 out of 60. Melissa Gilbert finished at the bottom with 47 points. Tonight however, when the viewer votes were added, it was fifth place finisher Roshon Fegan and sixth place finisher Jaleel White who landed in the bottom two. They then competed in the final Dance Duel, where both celebrities performed a rumba simultaneously, before the judges decided who stayed and who went home. In the end, the judges all agreed that Roshon won the duel and they sent home Jaleel. Next week the six remaining stars take to the floor again and two more celebrities will be sent home in a special double elimination!

"The Bachelorette" Spoilers: Emily Picks Jef

Here's the remaining boot list of this season of The Bachelorette. Reality Steve has spoiled everything that happens this season, up to the final three. While he isn't certain who goes home second and third (Arie or Sean), he does know for sure that Emily is now engaged to Jef. Scroll down to see who gets kicked week by week...

Episode 4: Bermuda (13 down to 10)
1-on-1: Doug. They go on a tour of the town St. George and visit King Square. Doug gets a rose.
Group Date: Boat racing date.
2-on-1: John and Nate. The three of them go cliff diving. Nate is eliminated.
Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Michael and Charlie. Nate was already eliminated on the 2-on-1.

Episode 5: England (10 to 8)
1-on-1: Sean. They go on a bus tour and have dinner at the Tower of London. Sean gets a rose.
Group Date: Eight guys rehearse a scene from "Romeo & Juliet". At the after party Emily blows up on Kalon and tells him to “Get the f*** out!” and he’s eliminated.
1-on-1: Jef. He gets a rose.
Rose Ceremony Elimination: Alejandro. Kalon sent home on the group date.

Episode 6: Croatia (8 to 6)
1-on-1: Travis. Tour of Old Town Dubrovnik.
Group Date: Six guys and Emily watch an advance screening of “Brave” a new Pixar movie.
1-on-1: Ryan. Here’s what’s interesting: Only six guys made it to the next city of Prague and those are the six guys on the group date. So the two guys who got 1-on-1 dates, Travis and Ryan, are eliminated. Yet we know that on 1-on-1 dates, you either get a rose and you’re safe or you’re sent home. If they’re both sent home on their dates, that means there would’ve been no rose ceremony in Croatia. However, on April 8th (when they were in Croatia) Mike Fleiss tweeted “Emily Maynard just delivered another Bachelorette first!” Then 5 minutes later tweeted “Turns out a rose is not always a rose.” Could be that either Ryan or Travis got a rose on their 1-on-1 date, then when it came time for the rose ceremony, Emily took it back. In summary, Ryan and Travis were both sent home.

Episode 7: Prague, Czech Republic (6 to 4)
1-on-1: Arie. He gets a rose.
1-on-1: John. He didn't get a rose, but wasn't eliminated.
3-on-1: Doug, Sean and Chris. Doug is eliminated.
1-on-1: Jef. He gets a rose.
Rose Ceremony Elimination: John. Doug was already eliminated on the 3-on-1 date.

Episode 8: Hometowns (4 to 3)
-Chris Chicago, IL Had dinner with his Polish family
-Jef St. George, Utah. They had dinner at his ranch. His parents were not there, just married siblings. His parents are mission presidents for the Mormon Church and live in Columbia, SC.
-Arie Scottsdale, AZ He took her to his cart shop and took her on a test drive of his go kart.
-Sean Dallas, TX  Had a family dinner with his niece and nephew in attendance.
Rose Ceremony Elimination: Chris.

Arie, Sean and Jef are the final three. Either Arie or Sean goes home after the overnight dates and the other is in the final two. Regardless, Emily ends up choosing Jef and they are now engaged. Are you happy with her decision? Would you have picked somebody else? Comment below & share your thoughts!