Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Brandon Hantz the Fifth Castaway Voted Off "Survivor 26: Caramoan Fans Vs. Favorites"

On tonight's "Survivor 26: Caramoan" Brandon Hantz became the fifth castaway voted out after his tribe forfeited the Immunity challenge. The episode began with Brandon telling the rest of his tribe to vote him out at the next tribal council, as he wanted to go home and see his kids. The next morning, he changed his mind and decided he wanted to stay and play the game for his family. At the Reward challenge the Fans gave it their all but couldn't overtake the Faves once again, losing their fifth challenge in a row. The Favorites were awarded a feast of steaks, sausages, vegetables and wine. Back at the Fans camp, everyone went looking for the re-hidden immunity idol and sure enough, Reynold found it again. He decided he would only tell Eddie that he found the idol. Over on the Faves tribe, Brandon and Phillip got into a heated argument that culminated with Brandon dumping the tribe's rice and beans onto the ground. When the tribes met up for the Immunity challenge Jeff asked Brandon how he was doing and Brandon went off on Phillip and his other tribemates. Corrine then informed Jeff that the Favorites were forfeiting the challenge and handing over immunity to the Fans. Jeff called Brandon over and tried to call him down, but he continued to yell at Phillip and state that it was his decision to go home. Ultimately, Jeff decided to have an impromptu tribal council right then and there. Unsurprisingly, the entire tribe voted out Brandon and Jeff sent him on his way. Good riddance!

A "Survivor 26: Caramoan" boot list has been leaked. To find out major spoilers about this season check out my secret post here!

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