Monday, March 4, 2013

Rock Star Bret Michaels the First Celebrity Fired on "All Star Celebrity Apprentice"

bret-michaelsOn last night's season premiere of "All Star Celebrity Apprentice" former winner/rock star Bret Michaels became the first celebrity fired by Donald Trump. The season began with the fourteen all-stars meeting up with Trump at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Donald decided to make Bret and Trace team captains since they made it the furthest on their respective seasons. They then took turns picking team members, with Trace picking Penn first and Bret surprisingly picking Omarosa first. Unsurprisingly, Dennis Rodman and Gary Busey were the last two picked. The teams were then told to come up with a team name and pick a project manager. Trace's team named themselves Plan B and Trace himself stepped up as the first project manager. Bret's team chose the name Power with Brande Roderick literally begging Bret to let her be the first PM. In the boardroom, Donald explained that their first task was to make and sell meatballs at a meatball shop. The team that earned the most money, including donations would be the winner. On Plan B, Trace decided to focus solely on big donors and not even open the shop to the general public. Over on Team Power, Omarosa purposely decided to sabotage Bret, in the hopes of eliminating the only former winner playing the game. During the task, Trump told the teams to take their best meatball to Live! with Kelly and Michael, where the hosts would pick their favorite and award the winning team an extra $20,000. In the boardroom, Trump announced that the winning meatball was Team Power's and they were awarded the bonus money. It didn't make a difference though, as Plan B crushed them thanks to some of Trace's huge donations. Brande chose Bret and LaToya as the weakest players, even though Omarosa screwed up the accounting. Ultimately Trump fired Bret for not bringing in enough money and pretty much being on the show in general as a former winner, not an adviser.

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