Sunday, March 10, 2013

"Dating Couple" Jessica and John the Third Team Eliminated from "The Amazing Race 22"

On tonight's "Amazing Race 22" dating couple Jessica Hoel and John Erck became the third team eliminated from the race (without even using their Express Pass). The episode began with the nine remaining teams continuing the leg from last week. Phil gave them their next clue, which instructed them to fly to Bali, Indonesia. When the teams landed they traveled to the Ubud Monkey Forest where they had to give a coconut to a monkey, who would crack it open and reveal their next clue. That clue ended up being the Detour, which was a choice between transporting wet sand from the bottom of a river uphill to a brick maker or constructing a Balinese religious offering made of various fruits. Mona and Beth were the only team to initially choose the sand task. Jessica and John had trouble with the fruit task and eventually decided to switch to the sand one. The next task was the Roadblock, where one team member had to correctly choose a surfboard with a picture of something they had previously seen on the race. Even though his foot was still injured, David and his son Connor arrived at the Pit Stop first and were awarded $5,000 each. Jessica and John oddly never used their Express Pass, even though they also struggled at the Roadblock. Eventually, they checked in last and were eliminated from the race, becoming the first team ever to be eliminated with an Express Pass in their pocket. Even Phil was dumbfounded.

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