Monday, March 25, 2013

Model Claudia Jordan the Fourth Celebrity Fired on "All Star Celebrity Apprentice"

claudia-jordanOn last night's "All Star Celebrity Apprentice" model Claudia Jordan became the fourth celebrity fired by Donald Trump. The episode began with the teams learning that their new task was to use a glass truck to create a marketing campaign for Farouk hair care products. Claudia was picked as project manager for Team Power, while Marilu Henner stepped up on Plan B. On Team Power, Claudia delegated Omarosa and Dennis the job of buying costumes and props and was upset when it took them four hours to do so. On Plan B, Marilu tasked everyone with a specific job, including making Gary the accountant. Later, both teams staged their events and were visited by the Farouk executives. In the boardroom, Trump informed the teams that the executives liked both events, but much preferred Marilu's team and she was awarded $50,000 for her charity. In another shocking move, Claudia decided to bring Dennis and Lil Jon back to the boardroom, once again letting Omarosa off the hook. Trump couldn't believe Claudia picked Lil Jon, since the Farouk executives specifically said he performed the best out of anyone. In the end, Donald placed the blame on the project manager and Claudia was fired.


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