Monday, April 29, 2013

Actor Gary Busey the Ninth Celebrity Fired on "All Star Celebrity Apprentice"

gary-buseyOn last night's "All Star Celebrity Apprentice" actor Gary Busey became the ninth celebrity fired by Donald Trump. The episode began with the teams learning that their new task was to write, produce and direct a 90 second video promoting LG's Home Entertainment Systems. Lil Jon was picked as project manager for Team Power, while Gary Busey stepped up on Plan B. Before the teams began work on their videos they met up with some LG representatives who gave them tutorials on all their products. However, project manager Gary walked away from one of the spokesmen when he was right in the middle of explaining something important. That was only the beginning of Plan B's problems as Gary shot down all of Penn and Lisa's ideas and insisted on doing things his way. That meant filming a video featuring himself as the father of a family who thought LG's next invention would be a mechanical dog. He would then start barking uncontrollably until he was given a LG phone. Not surprisingly, Penn and Lisa had no idea what any of that meant but had no choice except to give in to Gary's craziness. Over on Team Power Lil Jon, Marilu and Trace came up with an idea to make a video where Marilu would play a mother who shows her teenage sons all the things she learned about the easy to use LG products. Once the videos were shot and edited, they were screened for the executives as well as Ivanka and Joan Rivers. In the boardroom, Trump informed the teams that the executives much preferred Team Power's video and Lil Jon was awarded $40,000 for his charity. He could also earn an additional $35,000 since LG would donate $1 for every share on Facebook his video received. On Plan B, Gary made the case that his teammates abandoned him on the task, an accusation that Penn & Lisa vehemently denied. In the end, Trump placed the blame on Gary since the execs didn't like the "mechanical dog" bit and felt the video didn't showcase many of their products. Thus, after nine weeks, two stints as project manager and hundreds of "YAAAH"s, Gary was finally fired.


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