Monday, April 15, 2013

Actor Stephen Baldwin the Seventh Celebrity Fired on "All Star Celebrity Apprentice"

stephen-baldwinOn last night's "All Star Celebrity Apprentice" actor Stephen Baldwin became the seventh celebrity fired by Donald Trump. The episode began with the teams learning that their new task was to create a 60 second silent film promoting Australian Gold. Trace Adkins was picked as project manager for Team Power, while Gary Busey stepped up on Plan B. Because Plan B had two extra members Trump moved Marilu Henner over to Team Power. On Plan B, Gary's ideas were all over the map and his teammates had to reign in all his thoughts. They ultimately decided to make a video featuring Lisa as a woman who was afraid of the sun and Gary as the man with Australian Gold who saves the day. Over on Team Power, Trace came up with an idea to make a video starring a caveman who travels through time and discovers Australian Gold. Trace even ended up playing the caveman with Lil Jon once again doing the directing. After both teams shot their films, they presented them to Trump and the executives. In the boardroom, Trump revealed that the execs liked both videos a lot, but ultimately declared Team Power the winner, earning Trace another $40,000 for his charity. On Plan B, Gary decided to bring Stephen and Penn back to the boardroom, but Trump quickly sent Penn back out. Donald was torn on whether to fire Gary (the project manager) or Stephen (the director of the video). In the end, Trump used Stephen's own words against him saying he never should have said that Gary was an amazing project manager. Because of that, Stephen was fired.