Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"Bachelorette" Spoilers: Desiree Picks Brooks

Here's the full boot list for this season of "The Bachelorette" featuring every rose ceremony elimination for all ten weeks. Reality Steve has revealed that Desiree ultimately picks Brooks Forester even though he originally left her before the overnights. He did propose and she accepted. Here's the full boot list...
Episode 1: Los Angeles, CA (26 down to 19)
The only major thing to happen on the first night was Brooks and Chris (the final two) get barely any airtime. 
Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Diogo Custodio, Nick Roy, Mike R., Micah, Larry Burchett and Jonathan Vollinger.
Episode 2: Los Angeles, CA (19 to 16) 
1-on-1 date: Brooks Forester. He gets a rose.
Group date: Recording with Soulja Boy. Ben Scott gets the rose.
1-on-1 date: Bryden Vukasin. He gets a rose.
Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Will Reese, Robert Graham and Nick Mucci.

Episode 3: Los Angeles, CA (16 to 13) 
For the first time ever, an episode consisted of two group dates and only one 1-on-1.
Group date 1: Dodgeball game. Chris Siegfried gets the rose.
1-on-1 date: Kasey Stewart. He gets a rose.
During the 1-on-1 date Brian Jarosinski's girlfriend (a Playboy Playmate) shows up at the mansion. She had no clue that Brian had left to do the show until one of her friends told her. She somehow got in touch with producers and they put her on a plane immediately to come and confront him. He was then removed from the show.
Group date 2: Cowboy boot camp. Zak Waddell gets the rose.
Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Brandon Andreen and Dan Cox.
Episode 4: Atlantic City, NJ (13 to 11) 
1-on-1 date: Brad McKinzie. He did not get a rose and was sent home.
Group date: Mr. America competition. Kasey Stewart wins and gets a rose.
1-on-1 date: James Case. He gets a rose.
Rose Ceremony Elimination: Zack Kalter.

Episode 5: Munich, Germany (11 to 8)
1-on-1 date: Chris Siegfried. He gets a rose.
Group date: Sledding down the highest peak in Germany. Bryden Vukasin eliminates himself early in the date because he "just wasn't feeling it".
2-on-1 date: Michael Garofola and Ben Scott. Michael and Ben did not get along. Mike thought Ben used his son to advance and basically bad mouthed him to Desiree, yet she kept Michael. Ben gets eliminated.
Rose Ceremony Elimination: Mikey Tenerelli.

Episode 6: Barcelona, Spain (8 to 5) 
1-on-1 date: Drew Kenney. He gets a rose.
Group date: The guys play against a pro soccer team.
1-on-1 date: Zak Waddell.
Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Kasey Stewart, James Case and Juan Pablo Galavis.

Episode 7: Madeira Island, Portugal (5 to 4) 
There were three 1-on-1 dates and a 2-on-1. Brooks, Michael and Chris had the 1-on-1s and Drew and Zak had the 2-on-1.
Rose Ceremony Elimination: Michael Garofola.

Episode 8: Hometowns (4 to 3) 
The Final Four are...

Chris Siegfried (McMinnville, OR)

Brooks Forester (Salt Lake City, UT)

Zak Waddell (Dallas, TX)

Drew Kenney (Scottsdale, AZ)

Rose Ceremony Elimination: Zak Waddell.
Episode 9: “The Men Tell All”

Episode 10: Overnights in Antigua 
Desiree offered the fantasy suite to Drew and Chris and they accepted. Brooks leaves and says he's not in love with Desiree.

Episode 11: Finale in Antigua
Brooks returns and says he made a mistake. Desiree kicks Drew and Chris and chooses Brooks.

So, are you happy with Desiree's choice? Would you have picked somebody else? Comment below and share your thoughts!


Anonymous said...

I really like Brooks.

Anonymous said...

She picked Brooks over Chris? Is she crazy?

Anonymous said...

I don't pay much attention to the show, but I think the final men were great for her.

Anonymous said...

Chris was a better match for her. Brooks has weird hair.

Anonymous said...

The moment they have their first fight, Brooks is gonna think "I should have followed my first mind to walk away". I would not trust that he has a strong enough love for me and I would not choose him. They're starting off with a hugh problem.....or maybe I will choose him and then break his heart as he did mines on national tv. i'll just keep it all a game.

Anonymous said...

Brooks seems to feminine and soft. I would choose Michael.

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