Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Malcolm Freberg the Eleventh Castaway Voted Off "Survivor 26: Caramoan Fans Vs. Favorites"

On tonight's "Survivor 26: Caramoan" 25 year old bartender Malcolm Freberg became the eleventh castaway voted off the show. The episode began with the aftermath of last week's crazy tribal council where Phillip was sent packing. Once everyone composed themselves from that game-changing tribal, they were given tree mail stating it was time for the Survivor auction. Each castaway was given $500 and could bid on any item they liked in increments of $20. Malcolm bought beer and nuts, as well as an advantage in the game that ended up being a detailed clue as to the whereabouts of a new hidden immunity idol. Andrea bought spaghetti and meatballs, but was given the option of trading it for beans and rice for the whole tribe. Not surprisingly, she chose the beans and rice and gave up the pasta. Reynold was given three mystery items and ended up with only one slice of pizza, while Sherri spent her entire $500 on the whole rest of the pizza. All the castaways except Dawn, Sherri and Malcolm were able to buy letters from home for only $20 each. In the end though, Cochran nabbed the biggest prize and was awarded an advantage at the next Immunity challenge. Back at camp, Malcolm went searching for the hidden idol, but was spotted by Andrea, who followed him around all day in order to prevent him from looking for the idol. The plan worked, as Malcolm was unable to locate the hidden idol. At the Immunity challenge, the castaways had to hold onto a rope that was connected to a log weighing one-third of their body weight. At regular intervals they had to move down a knot on the rope, making it more difficult to support the weight. Cochran used his advantage of being able to move up two knots pretty quickly into the challenge and it paid off, as he easily won the challenge and earned his second individual immunity. Back at camp, a desperate Malcolm approached Sherri about joining his alliance and Sherri led on that she liked the idea. Meanwhile, Reynold approached Erik with the same pitch and he too pretended to contemplate the idea. But when the vote came at tribal council, Sherri and Erik stuck with their original alliance and they split the votes between Malcolm and Reynold. With the three guy's votes for Andrea that created a three-way tie and a re-vote was needed. Knowing that Malcolm didn't have an idol, the alliance of six took the opportunity to get rid of him & Malcolm became the third member of the jury by a unanimous vote of 6-0.

A "Survivor 26: Caramoan" boot list has been leaked. To find out major spoilers about this season check out my secret post here!

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