Sunday, April 28, 2013

"YouTube Hosts" Joey and Meghan the Seventh Team Eliminated from "The Amazing Race 22"

On tonight's "Amazing Race 22" friends and YouTube hosts Joey Graceffa and Meghan Camarena became the seventh team eliminated from the race. The episode began with the final five teams flying from Berlin, Germany to Edinburgh, Scotland. Mona & Beth and Joey & Meghan thought they nabbed an early flight that landed in Edinburgh at 1pm, when in actuality the other three teams were landing hours ahead of them at 10:40am. When the teams arrived in Scotland they drove themselves to Gosford House where a Roadblock awaited. One team member had to play a drone on a set of bagpipes while marching around the castle with members of the Royal Scots regiment. When the task was completed, the teams drove to Craigmillar Castle and had to search through the castle's many fireplaces to find their next clue. Once they found the clue, they traveled to the village of Duddingston where they found a Detour. The choice of tasks was between making four portions of the Scottish dish haggis and then taking a bite of the finished product or rolling eight whiskey barrels up a steep slope. Before Mona & Beth could attempt the Detour they had to complete their Speed Bump task, which consisted of hitting a strike in the bowling-like game of Skittles. After completing the Detour, teams went to Duddingston Kirk where they came across a Double U-Turn. Max and Katie were the first team to reach the U-Turn and they decided to use it on Joey and Meghan. Soon after that, Bates and Anthony arrived at the U-Turn and they used it on Mona and Beth. Max and Katie were once again the first team to make it to the Pit Stop & were awarded $10,000 each. Unsurprisingly, Joey & Meghan and Mona & Beth battled in out for last place as they both had to complete each part of the Detour. Mona & Beth's strength came in handy during the barrel task and they were able to overtake Joey & Meghan and check into the Pit Stop first. When the YouTubers did check in, Phil told them they were in last place and eliminated them from the race.

An "Amazing Race 22" boot list has been leaked. To find out major spoilers about this season check out my post here!

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