Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bates and Anthony Win "The Amazing Race 22"

On tonight's season finale of "The Amazing Race 22" brothers/hockey players Bates and Anthony Battaglia beat Max and Katie and Mona and Beth to be crowned the winners of the race. The episode began with the final four teams taking a ferry from Edinburgh, Scotland to Belfast, Northern Ireland. When the team arrived in Belfast they picked up a Ford Fiesta and drove themselves to Peatlands Park, where a Roadblock awaited. One team member had to swim one lap around a peat bog in under four minutes. Jen had a really hard time completing the lap, causing her and Caroline to fall behind the other teams. When the task was finished, teams were told to find the "thing with the ring" where their next clue awaited. Jen and Caroline fell even further behind when a local instructed them to the wrong location. Once the teams found the sculpture, they were told to travel to the Titanic Quarter where they found their final Detour. The choice of tasks was between serving a five course dinner to first class passengers in the building site of the RMS Titanic or spray painting an unfinished graffiti drawing at a skate park. All the teams except Jen and Caroline chose the dinner task. Max and Katie were the first team to complete the Detour and make it to the Pit Stop, earning them a trip for two to the Dominican Republic. Unsurprisingly, Jen and Caroline arrived to the Pit Stop last and were eliminated from the race. The final three teams then traveled to London, England where they were told to go to Euston Tap and order a pint of beer. When they were given their beer they were also given the name of their final destination city: Washington D.C. When the teams landed in D.C. they were instructed to travel to the Lincoln Memorial and locate the spot where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his "I Have a Dream" speech. Once they did that, they made their way to the Old Post Office Pavilion and had their pictures taken looking like they were meeting President Obama. After that it was time for the final Roadblock of the race, where one team member had to find the correct spy in a group of fifty spies and tell him a secret phrase. If it was the right spy he would give them his briefcase and instructions on how to open it. The team member had to unlock the lock by putting in numbers that corresponded with how they placed on certain legs of the race. Bates and Anthony were first to complete the task and took the lead. Next up, the teams traveled to Nationals Park where one teammate had to zip line across the stadium and throw a ball to their partner, who had to catch it while dressed in a baseball costume. After that, the teams made their way to Hains Point, where their final task awaited them. One team member had to enter a giant ball pit filled with globes and find ones marked with the various countries they had visited on the race. Once they placed the globes in the correct order they could make their way to the Finish Line. Bates and Anthony completed the globe task before either of the other two teams even got there. They then crossed the Finish Line first and were awarded the $1 million prize. Max and Katie finished second, followed by Mona and Beth in third.

Did the team you were rooting for win? What did you think of the finale? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!