Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Brenda Lowe the Fourteenth Castaway Voted Off "Survivor 26: Caramoan Fans Vs. Favorites"

On tonight's "Survivor 26: Caramoan" 30 year old paddleboard company owner Brenda Lowe became the fourteenth castaway voted off the show. The episode began with Erik having an emotional meltdown because he starving and didn't have enough food to eat. The next day however, he got his head back in the game thanks in part to a treemail delivery containing a Sprint phone with video messages from all the castaway's loved ones. After they all watched the videos, they met up with Jeff for the Reward challenge. As usual, the castaways were reunited with their loved ones and competed with them in the Reward challenge. The game came down to Brenda and her dad and Dawn and her husband, with Brenda's dad clinching the victory for him and his daughter. Jeff then offered Brenda the chance to choose one other castaway to spend the day with their loved one. Brenda wasted no time and chose Dawn. Jeff then surprised the castaways by announcing that there were two loved ones for each of them on the island. He then told Brenda that she could either choose one more castaway to get a visit with their loved ones or she could forfeit her and Dawn's visits and give the other four castaways time with both their loved ones. In the end, Brenda decided to forgo her and Dawn's reward and let the rest of the tribe spend the day with their families. That meant that Cochran, Sherri, Eddie and Erik got to enjoy a barbecue with their loved ones on a boat anchored offshore. Back at camp, Dawn was very upset that she was missing out on time with her husband, but Brenda helped her feel better. The next day, the tribe competed in the Immunity challenge which was a battle of endurance that once again came down to Brenda and Dawn. This time Brenda essentially handed over immunity to Dawn and dropped out of the challenge. Back at camp, Cochran started thinking that Brenda had a good shot at winning since she was performing well in challenges and making friends with her tribemates by giving up her reward. He approached Sherri and Dawn with the plan of blindsiding Brenda at the next tribal council and they both thought it was a good move. At tribal, that's just what they did and Brenda was stunned when she was voted out.

A "Survivor 26: Caramoan" boot list has been leaked. To find out major spoilers about this season check out my secret post here!

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