Sunday, May 19, 2013

Trace Wins "All Star Celebrity Apprentice"

trace-adkinsOn tonight's season finale of "All Star Celebrity Apprentice" country music star Trace Adkins beat magician Penn Jillette and was awarded $250,000 for his charity. The finale began with the culmination of the last task. Penn was able to edit down his video by removing the part with Dennis Rodman and showing it at the presentation as bonus footage. Trace decided to have Gary sing a Buddy Holly song at the presentation, which went over well with Trump and the audience. Not surprisingly, Penn did some magic at his presentation and invited famous Vegas acts like Wayne Newton and the Blue Man Group. Both shows went very well, making Donald's decision a hard one. At the final boardroom session, Trump gave LaToya, Dennis and Gary $20,000 each for their charities since they hadn't won anything on the show. We then joined Trump live in New York where this season's celebs were reunited to hear the results. Donald first announced that Penn's ice cream had sold better than Trace's, earning him an extra $100,000. Before Trump made his final decision he gave Lil Jon $100,000 for his charity in honor of his mother, who recently passed away. Finally Penn and Trace made their pleas as to why they should win. In the end, Donald announced that the All Star Celebrity Apprentice was Trace!

What did you think of the finale? Did Trace deserve to win or was Penn robbed? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!