Thursday, June 20, 2013

"Big Brother 15" Houseguests Revealed
CBS has officially revealed the identities of the sixteen new houseguests competing in "Big Brother 15". There are no returning players this season, although one houseguest is the sister of former winner Rachel Reilly. New twists this season include the HoH nominating three houseguests for eviction and America voting each week to name one contestant MVP, which will give that houseguest a special power. The new season premieres Wednesday June 26th at 8pm, and when the live feeds click in after the show I'll have all the immediate spoilers here on this site. Here's a sneak peek at all 16 new houseguests...

Aaryn Gries 22 San Angelo, Texas College Student
Aaryn Gries, 22

Andy Herren 26 Aurora, Illinois Professor
Andy Herren, 26

David Girton 25 San Diego, California Lifeguard
David Girton, 25

GinaMarie Zimmerman 32 Brooklyn, N.Y. Pageant Coordinator
GinaMarie Zimmerman, 32

Jeremy McGuire 23 Katy, Texas Boat Shop Associate
Jeremy McGuire, 23

Candice Stewart 29 New Orleans, LA Pediatric Speech Therapist
Candice Stewart, 29

Howard Overby 29 Hattiesburg, Mississippi Youth counselor
Howard Overby, 29

Helen Kim 37 Falls Church, Virginia Political Consultant
Helen Kim, 37

Nick Uhas 28 Hilliard, N.Y. Entrepreneur
Nick Uhas, 28

Judd Daughtery 26 Englewood, Tennessee Property Appraiser
Judd Daughtery, 26

Amanda Zuckerman 28 Long Island, N.Y. Real Estate Agent
Amanda Zuckerman, 28

Spencer Clawson 31 Conway, Arkansas Railroad Conductor
Spencer Clawson, 31

Jessie Kowalski 25 Beaumont, Texas Unemployed
Jessie Kowalski, 25

Kaitlin Barnaby 23 Vadnais Heights, Minnesota Bartender
Kaitlin Barnaby, 23

McCrae Olson 23 Oak Grove, Minnesota Pizza Delivery Boy
McCrae Olson, 23

Elissa Slater 27 Concord, N.C. Nutritionist
Elissa Slater, 27

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