Friday, June 28, 2013

"Big Brother 15" Spoilers: Elissa Awarded First MVP and Nominates David, McCrae Wins PoV

It was a very action packed day in the "Big Brother" house! First, Elissa found out that she was voted the first MVP of the season by America. She decided to tell HoH McCrae and they brainstormed possible houseguests for her to nominate. They ended up deciding on David, as he was a strong physical threat and has a showmance going on with Aaryn. McCrae also told Elissa that if someone uses the PoV, he may have to nominate her as that is what the majority of the house wants. Later, the houseguests were informed that the MVP did indeed nominate David for eviction, alongside Jessie and Candice. Aaryn wasn't happy about it and thought the MVP was either Elissa or Amanda. The houseguests also picked players for the Veto competition with Howard and Elissa chosen to compete along with HoH McCrae and the three nominees. The feeds then went to trivia for two hours and when they returned it was revealed that McCrae had won the Power of Veto. The competition involved crawling through honey and trying to spell the longest word possible. Now that McCrae has the PoV it seems like he's contemplating using it on one of his original nominations and putting up Elissa to satisfy the house. However, his main target seems to be David. The question is, if he does nominate Elissa will he still have enough votes to send David packing? When more spoilers are revealed, you'll find them here!


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