Thursday, June 27, 2013

"Big Brother 15" Spoilers: First HoH McCrae Nominates Jessie and Candice for Eviction

"Big Brother 15" premiered last night and when the live feeds clicked in after the show major spoilers were revealed. The season premiere began with the 16 new houseguests entering the compound and being told the first twist. For the first time in "Big Brother" history, three houseguests will face eviction every week. Julie then announced that it was time for the first HoH competition of the season, which consisted of hanging onto a popsicle for as long as possible while a giant tongue smashed into the houseguests. The comp came down to McCrae and Nick, with McCrae ultimately taking home the prize. After he was awarded the HoH key, Julie informed the houseguests of the second part of the twist. Each week America would vote for the person they thought was playing the best game and they would be named the "BB MVP". That houseguest would get to secretly nominate any one person of their choice and they would become the third nominee. The "BB MVP" doesn't have to tell anyone that they were given this power unless they want to. Those three nominees would all get a chance to compete in the PoV comp before facing eviction. After the show ended the live feeds clicked in and it was revealed that McCrae had nominated Jessie and Candice for eviction. It seems like he's in a secret alliance with Nick, Spencer, Howard and Jeremy called "The Moving Company". More info will undoubtedly come out in the coming days, including who wins PoV and maybe even who we voted as "BB MVP". When any spoilers are revealed you'll find them right here on Reality TV!