Saturday, July 6, 2013

"Big Brother 15" Spoilers: MVP Elissa Nominates Jeremy, Later Jeremy Wins Power of Veto

Jeremy McGuire, 23Today in the "Big Brother" house MVP Elissa nominated Jeremy for eviction, but during the PoV competition Jeremy won it and can remove himself from the block. Elissa nominated Jeremy as the third nominee in the hopes of taking the target off of her. At the PoV player selection ceremony Amanda and Nick were chosen to compete alongside the HoH and the three nominees. When the feeds clicked back in minutes ago it was revealed that Jeremy had won the veto. Undoubtedly he will remove himself from the block, forcing Elissa to make a replacement nomination. She will most likely nominate either Kaitlin or Gina in Jeremy's place. When Elissa makes her nomination on Monday, I'll have the info here!

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