Saturday, July 13, 2013

"Big Brother 15" Spoilers: MVP Elissa Nominates Spencer, Later Kaitlin Wins Power of Veto

Kaitlin Barnaby, 23Today in the "Big Brother" house MVP Elissa nominated Spencer for eviction and Kaitlin emerged the winner in the PoV competition. Elissa nominated Spencer mostly as a pawn with the ultimate plan still to backdoor Jeremy. At the PoV player selection ceremony Candice and Gina Marie were chosen to compete alongside the HoH and the three nominees. When the feeds clicked back in a few hours ago it was revealed that Kaitlin had won the veto. She will most likely use the veto on herself, allowing HoH Helen to go through with her plan and nominate Jeremy in her place. Kaitlin made the plea to spare Jeremy and put up Howard instead, but Helen said the house all wanted Jeremy gone. There's still five days til the eviction, but Jeremy needs a miracle or he's going home on Thursday. Check back here for more info!