Sunday, June 1, 2014

"Bachelorette" Spoilers: Andi Picks Josh
Here's the full boot list for this season of "The Bachelorette" featuring every rose ceremony elimination for all ten weeks. Reality Steve has revealed that Andi ultimately picks Josh over Nick at the final rose ceremony. He did propose and she accepted. Here's the full boot list...
Episode 1: Los Angeles, CA (25 down to 19)
The only major thing to happen on the first night was that Chris Bukowski showed up and asked to be included on the season. The producers let Andi know he was there and she decided not to let him in. 
Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Jason Leep, Rudie Baldwin, Josh Bauer, Mike Campanelli, Steven Woolworth & Emil Schaffroth.

Episode 2: Los Angeles, CA (19 to 16) 
1-on-1 date: Eric Hill. He gets a rose.
Group date: Male stripping for charity. Marcus gets the rose.
1-on-1 date: Chris Soules. He gets a rose.
Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Craig Muhlbauer, Nick Sutter and Carl King.

Episode 3: Santa Barbara, CA (16 to 13)
1-on-1 date: Nick Viall. He gets the rose.
Group date: Singing with Boyz II Men. Josh gets the rose.
1-on-1 date: JJ O’Brien. He gets a rose.
During this episode Ron Worrell found out that his friend died and had to leave the show.
Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Bradley Wisk and Brett Melnick.

Episode 4: Connecticut (13 to 11) 
1-on-1 date: Dylan Petitt. He gets the rose.
Group date: Basketball game against WNBA. Brian gets a rose.
1-on-1 date: Marcus Grodd. He gets a rose.
Before the rose ceremony Andi has an argument with Eric Hill and sends him home.
Rose Ceremony Elimination: Tasos Hernandez (not shown).

Episode 5: Marseille, France (11 to 8)
1-on-1 date: Josh Murray. He gets a rose.
Group date: Miming with strangers in France. JJ gets the rose.
1-on-1 date: Brian Osborne. He gets the rose.
Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Marquel Martin, Andrew Poole and Pat Jagodzinski.

Episode 6: Venice & Verona, Italy (8 to 6) 
1-on-1 date: Nick Viall. He gets a rose.
Group date: The guys took a lie detector test. Chris gets the rose.
1-on-1 date: Cody Sattler. He didn't get a rose & was sent home.
Rose Ceremony Elimination: JJ O’Brien.

Episode 7: Brussels & Ghent, Belgium (6 to 4) 
1-on-1 date: Marcus Grodd. He gets the rose.
Group date: Trip to a monastery. Nick gets the rose.
1-on-1 date: Josh Murray. He gets the rose.
Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Brian Osborne and Dylan Petitt.

Episode 8: Hometowns (4 to 3) 
The Final Four are...
Nick Viall (Milwaukee, WI)

Chris Soules (Lamont, IA)

Josh Murray (Tampa, FL)

Marcus Grodd (Dallas, TX)

Rose Ceremony Elimination: Marcus Grodd.
Episode 9: Dominican Republic Overnight Dates (3 to 2)
Rose Ceremony Elimination: Chris Soules

Episode 10: “The Men Tell All”

Episode 11: Finale in Dominican Republic
Andi dumps Nick and chooses Josh. He proposed and she accepted. It seems like they're still together.

So, are you happy with Andi's choice? Would you have picked somebody else? Comment below and share your thoughts!


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