Saturday, June 7, 2014

"Survivor 29: San Juan Del Sur" News Roundup: Redemption Island Out, Twinnies In
As "Survivor 29" starts filming in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua news keeps coming out about the new season. Here's a roundup of all the latest "Survivor" news...

-Two castaways have already been removed from the show because of medical issues. That means the new season will feature 18 contestants, not 20.

-While "Amazing Race" will feature two "Survivor" alums racing around the world, "Survivor" will do the same as two time "Amazing Race" veterans Nadiya and Natalie Anderson aka the "Twinnies" will be one of the pairs of loved ones competing on the new "Blood Vs. Water" season.

-In a last minute change the producers have decided to drop Redemption Island from the upcoming season and replace it with something new. Jeff Probst said "We're not doing Redemption Island. When you're out, you're out. It's over. We all started looking at it and it started feeling like - I don’t know if Redemption Island is the right thing. And it would be the safe thing to do, because we knew it worked. I got the cards out and started looking at all the players in my living room and just started imagining: What else could you do with people who love each other that would really make it difficult? And we came up with an idea and everybody puts their two cents in, and we formed a new idea. Instead of Redemption Island, we decided: We have this arena being built. What if instead of that, we use it for something else, something that will make Blood vs. Water a little more interesting. A little more bloody".

If there's half as much drama during the actual show as there is with all this behind the scenes stuff, we'll be in for another exciting season come September.